Tower City Stone Sale!




251 Clarks Valley Rd, Tower City, PA 17980


Don't miss this perfect opportunity to save big on stone veneer factory overpours straight from the manufacturer!

Three Days Only!

  July 19th   12pm - 5pm
July 20th    8am - 5pm
July 21st    8am - 1pm


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Here is a sampling of what will be available:

  • Branford Fieldstone - approx 10 pallets
  • Garis Canyon Gray Travertine - approx 31 pallets
  • Manor Ohio Drystack - approx 17 pallets
  • PA Lime Regal Ashlar - approx 6 pallet
  • Gold Nugget Ohio Drystack
  • Kensington Blend Cobblestone
  • Ozark Fieldstone
  • Pinehills Fieldstone
  • Mainline Fieldstone
  • Country Ohio Drystack
  • Walnut Ridge Drystack
  • Hewn Edge Caps, Lintels, Siota Bands
  • and so much more!
*please note the actual colors and styles of what is available can vary. Stone is hand painted and therefore each batch varies in colors and shapes.