Who is Quality Stone Veneer?






Turning dreams into reality for over forty years

Started in 1976 in Refton, Pennsylvania, Quality Stone Veneer, Inc. has expanded to 13 offices located up and down the east coast and Colorado. Quality Stone Veneer, Inc. has served homeowners, builders, suppliers and architects with a unique blend of exceptional manufactured stone and masterful installation. Our molds replicate the shapes and textures of natural stone. We have a wide variety of stone colors and styles, each of which is completely interchangeable.


Quality Stone Veneer, Inc. is a turnkey company, meaning we manufacture and install our own product. Our products are designed for all types of building construction, residential and commercial, interior and exterior, regardless of the scope or size of the project. Whether you’re building a dream home, remodeling an existing home, adding stone to a fireplace, building a church, university, hotel, apartments, or an assisted living complex, we bring your ideas to life, from concept to completion.
Our Mission:


Quality Stone Veneer, Inc. strives to maintain a positive and mutually beneficial rapport with all customers, cultivating an atmosphere of the highest level of service, and at all times upholding and basing decisions on the core values of the company. We provide a safe work environment for our employees, grant opportunities for advancement, and foster relationships that encourage development and maximize potential. The success of Quality Stone Veneer, Inc. depends upon, firstly, the championing of an enterprise of accountability and flexibility where employees are constantly learning and adapting, and value all of their coworkers regardless of roles or given titles. Secondly, that we provide the highest quality product available while remaining conscientious of the sustainability of the environment as well as our local economies. And finally, that the company always contends to be the most innovative and forward thinking stone veneer manufacturer and installer in the industry.

Our Vision: 


To produce and install the most durable and aesthetic stone veneer product in the world.

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Our Core Values:



Quality Stone Veneer, Inc. is constantly striving to provide a quality product, intricately detailed installation, and excellent customer service, approaching each project with commitment, diligence, and attention to detail.




We strive to be stewards of resources, aligning our operations with both the business and the natural environment. We wisely invest and allocate our finances and time, enabling the company to be profitable and influential to our local economies.



Considering employees are our most valuable assets, we provide jobs with opportunities for advancement in an environment that allows everyone to be safe and productive.



Our employees are encouraged to think creatively and pursue curiosity, creating new avenues for the company to grow and excel in our industry.