Quality Stone Veneer, Inc. Patented Clip System and Panelized Systems


Patented Clip System

Quality Stone Veneer’s Patented Clip System revolutionizes masonry installation by combining panelized stone veneer and clip application.  The Clip System is designed for moisture management and ease of installation.  A 3/8th inch drainage plane between the wall and stone allows for air and moisture to pass behind the stone and away from the structure.  Without the need of wire lath and large amounts of mortar, clip installation is less restricted by weather conditions than traditional application.  In addition, the system facilitates a clean and timely install, which translates into added value for our customer.  Other advantages of our Patented Clip System includes lower cement costs, a controlled pattern, and clean edges to dissimilar materials.

Patented Clip System Installation Video


 Patented Clip System Installation Guide and Clip Detail
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Clip.jpg   Clip Detail 2.png


Clip System Pieces and Sizes

Cobblestone Clip System

Drystack Clip System

Siota Block Clip System

Brick Clip System

24"x16" Flat
18"x12" Flat 3 Block Cluster Flat 12 Brick Panel
24"x8" Flat 18"x6" Flat 8"x16" Block 5 Brick Panel
24"x8" Corner 12"x6" Flat 8"x8" Corner 2 Brick Panel
16"x8" Corner 6"x12" Corner 8"x8" Receptacle Block 4 Brick Panel
8"x8" Receptacle Block 8"x8" Receptacle Block 8"x8" Light Block 24"x4.5" Brick Sill
8"x8" Light Block 8"x8" Light Block 12"x8" Light Block 24"x3.5" Brick Rowlock
12"x8" Light Block 12"x8" Light Block 8"x8" Dryer Vent 24"x9" Brick Soldier
8"x8" Dryer Vent 8"x8" Dryer Vent 12"x8" Dryer Vent  
12"x8" Dryer Vent 12"x8" Dryer Vent 24"x3" Sandstone Sill  
24"x3" Sandstone Sill 24"x3" Sandstone Sill    
24"x8" Soldiers      

Preset Panelized

Quality Stone also offers basic preset products that are panelized and traditionally installed using wire lath and mortar.  The preset stone veneer contains individual stones casts into larger paneled pieces.  The individual stones are cast in a dry-laid style with no grout in between each piece, so that the paneled pieces interlay with one another to create a cohesive project that can be applied using fewer materials.


Clip System Styles:

Cobble Swatch-303994-edited.png Drystack Clip System-418128-edited.jpg Siota Block Clip System-547877-edited.jpg

Brick Clip System-605311-edited.jpg

*All Clip System Styles can be installed traditionally using wire lath and mortar.*


Preset Panelized Styles:

Preset Dry-665333-edited.png Preset Ledge 2-min-733895-edited.png

*All Preset Panelized Styles are installed using traditional wire lath and mortar.*


Clip System and Preset Panelized Colors:

Bull Run Carmel Ohio Cobble Low Res-945982-edited.jpg Ferndale Cobblestone Low Res-998951-edited.jpg

Luray Cobble Small-1-073414-edited.jpg Mainline Cobble Small-1-131402-edited.jpg New England Ohio Dry Small-1-1-192351-edited.jpg

Pa Lime Cobble -255786-edited.jpg Pigeon Hill Field Small-1-712280-edited.jpg Powder Ridge Cobble small-793134-edited.jpg

Provence Cobble Small-1-844057-edited.jpg Pumice Cobble Swatch-min-1-905313-edited.jpg Susquehanna Cobble Low Res-962650-edited.jpg


Brick Clip System Colors:

Brackston-676815-edited.jpg Brandywine-717021-edited.jpg Heritage-757516-edited.jpg

Plymouth-827760-edited.jpg Statesman-875135-edited.jpg Umber-913200-edited.jpg

*Please Note: Additional colors (Including custom) may be available upon project review.*


Clip System and Preset Panelized Projects