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ICC-ES Technical Report

ICC-ES is a nonprofit, limited liability company that technically evaluates building products, components, methods, and materials. The evaluation process ends with the issuance of a technical report. Building officials, building departments, and building inspectors use evaluation reports to help determine code compliance and enforce building regulations; manufacturers use reports as evidence that their products (and this is especially important if the products are new and innovative) meet code requirements and warrant regulatory approval. ICC-ES evaluation reports are public documents.

Quality Stone Veneer, Inc. has passed the rigorous testing of the ICC-ES and is proud to offer a reputable, long-lasting product that has been evaluated by a third party. Our ICC-ES report number is ESR-3151 and is available at www.icc-es.org or by downloading the report PDF.

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MVMA (Masonry Veneer Manufacturers Association)

Quality Stone Veneer installs all of their products by MVMA standards.  Please click the image below to view updated guidelines.  

 MVMA Guidelines


Quality Stone Veneer offers a warranty on our products.  Please download the PDF below to learn more.

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Product Description

Basic Use: Product is intended for interior or exterior nonstructural lightweight veneer facing on masonry, metal or frame construction for architectural appeal.  Uses include:

  • Interior or exterior walls of new construction.
  • Remodeling or redecorating of existing walls.
  • Fireplaces: around openings, hearth, exterior chimney finish or chase finish.

*Please Note: Manufactured stone does not add strength to load bearing capacity of a wall.  Should not be used in below-water applications.*

Composition and Materials: Quarried natural stones of varying sizes and shapes are used to make flexible molds. The molds are then painted with iron oxide pigments and filled with a mix of Portland cement and lightweight aggregates. Filled molds are vibrated to integrate surface coloration. Mix in molds is raked to provide scratched surface texture on product back to ensure installation bond. After stone mix sets, cast product is pulled from molds, packaged, and cured.

Sizes:  Varied. Sizes, shapes, and textures of a finished product duplicates natural stones used as mold masters. Stone diameters will vary. Right-angle corner stones have return lengths varying from 1.5 inches to 2.5 inches inside

Types: Click Here to see our products page to learn more on the products that Quality Stone Veneer, Inc. offers.

Technical Data

Applicable standards: Professional Service Industries, Inc.-Project No. 812-50301

Test Results:

Product thickness
Density (lbs. per cu. ft.)
Temperature hot side (F)
Temperature cold side (F)
Average mean temperature (F)
Thermal conductivity (k)
Thermal resistance (r)
Absorption (24 hours)
.15 ft.
95 degrees
55 degrees
75 degrees

Installation:  Detailed installation procedures are available from MVMA at https://ncma.org/manufactured-stone-veneer/ by going to or by calling Quality Stone Veneer, Inc.                                                                        

General Maintenance:  Most applications require no maintenance.  Applications where dirt or dust may accumulate can be washed occasionally.

  • Use of garden hose and soft bristle brush can be used (DO NOT use wire brush).
  • Mild soap or detergent and water can be used and rinsed immediately with fresh water (DO NOT attempt to clean with acid or acid based products or power washer).

Efflorescence:  This is normal and common in all masonry products and easily remedied.  
To Remove:

  • Allow stone to dry.
  • Scrub with stiff bristle brush and clean water.  If this does not remove, scrub with solution of 50% household white vinegar and 50% water and rinse thoroughly.  

*Salt and Calcium Chloride Products: Do NOT use any of these products on areas adjacent to a stone veneer product.*

Sealers: Sealers are not necessary on stone veneer products, although Quality Stone does recommend a sealer to prevent staining. Make sure the product used is water based and breathable. Follow manufacturer’s instructions.

*Please Note: sealer can darken stone color, and may also slow the natural movement of moisture out of the stone.*

Technical Specification Documents
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 Clip System Instructions