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The Clip System™

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An evolution of mechanically fastened stone veneer with built-in drainage.

Built-In Drainage Plane

A 1/4" air space between the wall and the stone provides a built-in drainage for moisture management.



Preset Stone Veneer

Lambris™ Stone, Thin Brick, and Block styles seamlessly join together, eliminating guesswork in laying. 



Clip & Screw Attachment

A Galvanized Clip and Screw application eliminates the necessity for mortar and wire lath installations.



Key Components

1. Clip Starter Strip

The 22 Gauge Galvanized Clip Starter Strip acts as a weep screed flashing at the base of the wall, a drip cap above windows and doors, and starting Clip attachment flange for the first row of stone.

2. Clip & Screw

20 Gauge Galvanized Clips attach easily into the back of each piece to fasten the product to the wall. The necessity of a heavy, often time-consuming mortar and wire lath application is no longer.

3. Preset Stone Veneer

All Lambris styles are cast in unique preset stone veneer pieces with a recessed groove to accept the Clip. Stepped offsets naturally break up unwanted pattern consistency while laying. Varying depths of the stone faces within shadow lines between pieces, further eliminating the appearance of a panelized product.

4. Built-In Drainage

Designed with moisture management in mind, a ¼” breathable cavity allows moisture to drain freely from behind the stone system and away from the structure. The Clip System's drainage plane meets and exceeds new national building code requirements for drainage behind stone veneer systems.

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See a brief introduction to the Clip System, the corresponding Lambris product line and the solutions within.

Advantages and Solutions

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Built-In Drainage
Manages moisture through drainage, allowing the structure to breathe with a drainage plane that is free and clear.
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Fewer Weather Limitations
Can be installed in conditions sub 40° F where a mortar and wire application requires heating and tenting.
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Less Weight
Up to 10 lbs per square foot less in weight installed than a mortared application, and requires no structural cement.
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Reduction On Materials

Eliminates the need for most cement, wire lath, drain mats, and casing beads.

Time Savings
A considerable amount of time can be saved on installation and finishing.
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Controlled Pattern
Preset stone with varying shapes and an off-setting pattern provide a control over the install, eliminating any guesswork in laying.
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Profile Combinations
Lambris styles can be combined to create a building diverse in masonry type and color.
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Easier Remodels
Remodel and transform an existing project more easily and more cost effectively.
Education & Resources

Clip System™ Resources

Browse a library of all Clip System related information in one place, including Video, Installation Guides, Detail Drawings, 3-Part Specifications, and Technical Information.
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Explore Styles

Lambris Styles

Quality Stone Veneer Lambris™ Styles are made up of preset pieces in varying shapes and heights that uniquely and easily stack together, seamlessly creating a perfectly laid full depth stone, block, or brick finish on any project.
Explore Precast Accents

Lambris Accents

Quality Stone Veneer offers an extensive line of handcrafted Lambris accents, sills and accessories to compliment any project. 

Lambris™ Styles

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Lunch & Learns

Want to learn more about the Clip System™? We offer a free AIA Accredited Lunch and Learn which features a hands on look at samples and real world product applications.