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Quality, Sustainability, Value, Innovation.

"We strive to be stewards of resources, aligning our operations with both the business and the natural environment. We wisely invest and allocate our finances and time, enabling the company to be profitable and influential to our local economies."

- From Quality Stone Veneer's Core Values

Sustainably Replicating Nature 

As opposed to quarrying a natural stone from the earth, an often intrusive process which permanently removes material from the natural environment, our products are crafted using sustainably sourced stone aggregates, Portland cement, and iron ore pigments. Our stone profiles are hand cast from natural stone itself and hand painted to capture the vastly-detailed, non-repeating detail found in nature.

Our Purpose

We've defined our purpose as "To serve customers and coworkers equally". We consider our employees to be our most valuable asset, providing jobs with opportunities for advancement in an environment that allows everyone to be safe and productive. 



Give Back Initiatives

Where We're At

25K Square Feet Donated

Over 25,000 square feet of overstock product donated to repurposed materials companies in 2022 to be recycled and repurposed in building communities for years to come, instead of becoming landfill.


30% Waste Reduction

Reduce and Reuse: Our field managers are detail focused, field measuring jobs pre-shipment to accurrately calculate the material required before an order is packaged. This reduces over-shipping and material waste, white cutting down on trips to the jobsite.


Made to Last

Products backed by a 50-year warranty, built to stand the test of time with little to no maintenance required.

To Code Installation

Installations engineered to exceed local building codes, reducing and eliminating likelihood of future service or repair.


We are constantly striving to provide a quality product, intricately detailed installation, and excellent customer service.


Our employees are encouraged to think creatively and pursue curiosity, creating new avenues for the company to grow and excel in our industry.

Our Patented Clip System™

The Quality Stone Veneer Clip System™ was designed with Sustainability in mind. In addition to providing a better performing installation and stone veneer system, The Clip System contributes to our Sustainability in:

  • Reducing the materials required for a stone installation.
  • Eliminating the need for most mortars and wire lath in its installation.
  • Adding breathability to the structure through its Built-in Drainage Plane; a 1/4" ventilated air space designed for project longevity.


Ongoing Actions

Where We're At

- Use of Handi-Pak Boxes in smaller quantity orders.
- Sustainably sourced aggregates and raw materials.
- Carbon neutral manufacturing processes.
- Eco-friendly, handcrafted, durable products.
What's Next
- Strategic combined shipping routes for carbon footprint reduction in delivery.
- Reduction of packaging in material shipment.
Q2 2023 - Future