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Quality Stone Veneer, Inc.Jul 25, 2023 12:07:43 PM7 min read

Choosing the Right Quality Stone Veneer Color and Style for Your Project in the US

Choosing the Right Quality Stone Veneer Color and Style for Your Project in the US

A Comprehensive guide to selecting Quality Stone Veneer products for your project.

When it comes to enhancing the aesthetics of a building, stone veneer and thin brick veneer offer timeless and versatile exterior options. These materials add depth, texture, and a touch of sophistication to various architectural elements, including exteriors, stone fireplaces, and interior accent walls. With a wide-ranging, ever-growing library of handcrafted, finely designed colors, styles, and precast accents, choosing the suitable Quality Stone Veneer selections for your project is an exciting process. This comprehensive guide will explore the factors to consider when selecting the perfect stone or brick veneer, ensuring a seamless integration that complements your design vision.

Understanding Quality Stone Veneer’s Stone, Thin Brick and Precast Product offerings

Quality Stone Veneer is a long-time reputable provider of stone veneer products and to code expert installation, offering a diverse range of styles, colors, and customization options. Family owned and operated, for over 45 years, they’ve specialized in manufacturing high-quality, lightweight stone veneer replicating authentic stone's natural beauty and texture. On the other hand, their thin brick veneer provides the classic look of traditional brickwork while offering easier installation, lightweight design, and greater design flexibility.

Exploring Style Options

Quality Stone Veneer Stone and Thin Brick Styles: QSV styles range from rustic to contemporary, ensuring compatibility with any architectural design. Two product lines of styles are offered:

  1. Traditional Styles: An industry staple, these styles are individually placed pieces of stone installed with mortar and wire lath. Each individual stone receives mortar to the back of the piece, and is pressed into the wall.

The most popular QSV styles in this category include Ohio Drystack, Drystack, Fieldstone, and Cobblestone.

Traditional styles are widely interchangeable, leaving the possibilities near endless for customization. Stone packages can be custom tailored alongside a project owner, architect, or design team to meet their exact design intent or wishes.

As an example, 70% of the total square footage could be Cobblestone, with the remaining 30% being Fieldstone in style. Quality Stone Veneer’s installation craftsmen custom blend the styles on the wall during installation, seamlessly creating a pattern unique and diverse in texture. The colors these styles are offered in are also widely interchangeable. On this same example, for instance, Cobblestone may be produced in one color, say Conestoga, while Fieldstone may be produced in the color PA Lime. This is an example of a two color, two-style blend, the result being a 70% Conestoga Cobblestone, 30% PA Lime Fieldstone Blend.

The most custom designs may include, for instance, 2 styles produced in 3 different colors.

Warfel 1

Warfel 2

Project: The Residence at Fitz Farm, York, PA

Client: Warfel Construction, Avenue Development

Quality Stone Veneer Products Featured:

  • Pinehills 70% Cobblestone, 30% Fieldstone Blend
  • Steel Precast Accessories

The remaining traditional styles include Ledgestone, Regal Ashlar, Travertine, Brookstone, and Cobble Sandstone.

Quality Stone Veneer’s representatives are design experts, who work alongside their customers one-on-one when needed to help hone in on their design needs through a process of sample and project photo review.

Other Popular Traditional Styles Include:

Ledgestone: Provides a rugged, stacked stone appearance, perfect for designs rustic to contemporary.

Fieldstone: Mimics natural stones' irregular shapes and textures, adding a touch of organic beauty.

To view all Traditional Style offerings, visit QSV’s style library page:


The Quality Stone Veneer Lambris™ Product Line

Lambris™ Styles reset stone panels with the capability to either be mechanically fastened to the wall using Quality Stone Veneer’s patented Clip System™ installation or installed in the same way as the traditional styles using mortar and wire lath, also referred to as a direct-application.

In a Clip System installation, a Galvanized Clip and Screw is used to screw the stone directly into the stud wall, providing a ¼” ventilated air space between the wall and back of the stone. As International Building Codes here in the current day have begun to require an airspace behind stone veneer installations in specified climate zones of the US, Quality Stone Veneer’s Clip System, and corresponding line of Lambris styles have become industry leading products for meeting and exceeding these codes. The Clip System provides a drainage plane that is free and clear from all mortar and debris, meaning any trapped moisture can drain freely from behind the stone exterior, and out and away from the bottom of the wall.

Popular Lambris stone styles include Ohio Drystack Lambris, Drystack Lambris, Fieldstone Lambris and Cobblestone Lambris. These four styles are offered in the same color selections as their traditional, individually placed stone counterparts above.

On the other hand, QSV’s Lambris lineup also includes an extensive library of modern and contemporary stacked stone, block and thin-brick styles.

All styles include their own unique makeup of piece sizes and dimensions, with corner returns to provide the appearance of a full depth product at outsize corners. Lambris styles can be seamlessly integrated together to create a building envelope diverse in masonry type and color. 


Project: Gettysburg Foursquare Church, Gettysburg, PA

Quality Stone Veneer Products Featured:

  • Granite Drystack Lambris
  • Onyx Siota Block
  • Brackston Historic Brick
  • Precast Siota Window Casings, Sandstone Sills, Handcrafted Brick Soldiers

PA Lime OD Lambris and Eggshell Siota Block

Project: University City Station, Charlotte, NC

Quality Stone Veneer Products Featured:

  • PA Lime Ohio Drystack Lambris
  • Eggshell Siota Block
  • Steel Siota Beveled Water Tables, Steel Sandstone Window Sills

Other Popular Lambris™ styles include:

Piedra Cortada: Ideal for creating a refined and elegant look of a full-depth quarried limestone block in a 12”x24” face size.

Cobblestone Lambris: Offers a unique, old-world charm with rounded, smooth stones, stacked in mortar. Installed as stone panels, a recess between stone faces is jointed once the product is on the wall, perfectly and seamlessly blending the product together.

Metropolitan Brick and Historic Brick: For those seeking the timeless appeal of brick, QSV also offers brick veneer in two different styles, including a wire cut Metropolitan Brick with a smooth face finish, and a classic handcrafted look of Historic Brick.

Customization and Accessories

QSV recognizes the need for customization to ensure your stone or brick veneer project is tailored to your unique vision. They offer a range of customization options, including:

  1. Blending: As discussed previously, QSV can incorporate multiple colors and, or multiple styles and to create a distinctive look that separates your project.
    • Color Combinations: QSV understands the importance of color in achieving the desired aesthetic. They offer a broad spectrum of color options, allowing you to select hues that harmonize with your overall design scheme. From warm earth tones, to cool grays, to monochromatic contemporary tones , QSV provides a palette to compliment all architectural styles and preferences.

  2. Custom Product Development: Subject to a case by case basis, styles can be custom developed specific to a project. In fact, most new styles offered in the product library often begin from a design need with a client. View QSV’s case study’s page to learn more about their product design and development process and see the beginnings of a product from initial idea through final installation.
  3. Precast Accessories: To further enhance your stone or brick veneer installation, QSV provides precast accessories such as window sills, wall caps, and trim pieces. These hand-crafted accessories add a finishing touch and ensure a seamless transition between the veneer and other architectural elements.
  4. CSI 3 Part Specifications: If you’re an architect or design professional looking to specify QSV on your project, they provide CSI 3 Part Specifications for download on their Resources page. These specifications are offered alongside detailed installation guidelines, video demo’s, product testing information, material requirements, hatch-patterns and more.



Choosing the suitable Quality Stone Veneer product is a vital decision that significantly impacts the overall aesthetics of your project. Quality Stone Veneer offers extensive styles, colors, and customization options to help you achieve your design goals. By considering the architectural style, desired color palette, and overall vision for your project, Quality Stone Veneer can help you confidently select the perfect manufactured stone or thin brick veneer selection that will elevate the visual appeal of your space. With QSV's expertise and commitment to delivering high-quality products and to-code expert installation, you can trust that your project will showcase timeless beauty with durability designed to stand the test of time.


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