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4301 Hecktown Rd, Bethlehem, PA 18020

Project Category
  • Church & Worship
  • Campus




Project Scope

Designed and installed our Cobblestone Lambris style in a custom color selection for the architect, and included integrated drainage plane for moisture management behind the system.

  • Start: Q2 2023 product design & development
  • Installation: Summer 2023
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Stratus Cobblestone Lambris
Grace 4
Stratus Cobblestone Lambris
Grace 5
Stratus Cobblestone Lambris
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Stratus Cobblestone Lambris
Grace 1
Stratus Cobblestone Lambris
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Stratus Cobblestone Lambris
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Stratus Cobblestone Lambris

Project Overview

In early Spring '23, we began working directly with Mann-Hughes Architecture out of Doylestown, PA on a their brand new ground-up church project that was then early in design.

We first met to discuss initial schematics alongside their team and review a first round of renderings and drawings. Mann-Hughes' goal was to capture a natural, time-less elegance on the church's exterior. In review of profile sizing, Cobblestone Lambris was selected for it's larger stone face dimensions, while fitting perfectly to the theme of historical churches that have been constructed from rectangular rounded natural cobblestone for hundreds of years. The style also provided the ability to install with our signature drainage plane for added protection against water intrusion.


Exterior Rendering / Photo: Mann-Hughes Architecture

interior rendering

Interior Rendering / Photo: Mann-Hughes Architecture

For the stone color, it was again important to remain in the natural spectrum. In a first round of samples presented to Mann-Hughes' team at the project site, they expressed great interest in our Granite color above all else. However, they wanted less of a the light gray base tone and more of the deep gray tones underneath. 

It was from here we custom designed a new color based off our Granite recipe, using a darker mud color to bring the deeper grays in. 

New samples were created, presented, and approved. The color was named Stratus, custom for the project.

For historical detail, Steel colored precast was added throughout the exterior including Siota Accent Bands, Hewn Edge Wall Caps, and Sandstone Sills.

Granite Cobblestone Edit Good-1

Quality Stone Veneer's Granite Cobblestone as a basis of design

Stratus Cobblestone Lambris

Stratus Cobblestone Lambris stone panels during new color development

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